The Black Embersilk Gown…….

Oh the things I can craft as a tailor!

With the simplest of materials I can make nice shirts for my friends, with rarities from around Azeroth I can sew and stitch epic wares for the masses. I’m a master of a thread and needle that employs all his knowledge of being seamstress into producing fine wares from fine raw materials.

What could ever make me want to cry about such a glorious profession so much? The Black Embersilk Gown….

“But why would Coagulater cry over such a puny item that isn’t even of epic quality?” you ask. Well folks, I’m about to tell you why….

First: The pattern for said dress cost 8 Embersilk Bolts to buy. 8……eight…..EIGHT! Well holy paladins Blizzard, at the same time that people leveling First Aid are causing me to have a spinal rupture over their frivolous use of cloth, YOU are making me spend waste 40 precious pieces of cloth to even buy patterns. Curse you Blizzard! That very notion is blasphemous, it’s even more preposterous that you make me spend 40 cloth on a COMMON dress….I mean gown, my apologies.

Second: You need to grind out to level 84 to even access the pattern, but it’s wearable by everyone! What in Thrall’s name is an NPC in what’s suppose to be the last zone in the game you level in, doing with a gown pattern that is common and has no level cap on it. Lorewise…this makes me puke, no high level person in their right mind would trudge all the way through a harsh land carrying a pattern for a dress that has no benefit other than to make you look like you are a 2nd degree burn victim. Yea, I went there….

Third: The mats are a little on the high end, let’s take a look: 8x Bolt of Embersilk Cloth is another 40 pieces of cloth that is a waste. Continuing on…8x Volatile Fire is okay, it isn’t that hard to farm up 60 of these in an hour or so, my anger about this isn’t as raging as everything else in this post. How else you going to make the gown appear to be a burn victim? 8x Eternium Thread was also expected, with the rising of skill points I expected the needed thread to go up. Whats the last thing needed? Oh yea, a Chaos Orb. Wait a second…..BLIZZARD! *smitesmitesmitesmitesmitearchangel* Are you serious? Lets do some math. Most, if not all, high end crafted gear use Chaos Orbs for creation. Crafted gear on my server is going for about 1k to almost 2.5k for obscure pieces. An AH check for the Black Embersilk Gown comes with nothing….NOTHING Blizzard. That isn’t to say that on a RP-Server the demand for this wouldn’t be insane, but I’m not on a RP-Server. What justifies making a high-end crafting mat required for a common unfashionable dress? Shrooms? Too much drinking? This gown should at least act as a fear making no mobs attack you, ever….just for cost of the Chaos Orb.

In conclusion, I know that I don’t have to worry about crying over it because I’m not forced to buy it. I just feel a little under-rated by Blizzard for putting such mockery into my profession. The Tailor’s Union will not be happy to hear about this if they aren’t already aware of the situation.

Good Luck in Azeroth Tailoring

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  1. Tam

    Fashion hurts. Apparently.

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