A Flowchart for All!

 Short post today, more of a “I wanna show you something” post. Stop thinking that way, and get in the van. I dabble around on MMo Champion way too much, mostly for the Blue Tracker and the helpful threads about how “ur doinit rong”.

Once in awhile I catch something from the threads that makes me giggle a bit, and then there are the helpful images or placement images for boss strats. Good stuff. The most recent thing actually front paged on MMO Champion and so I thought I should share it with all my awesome readers. Without anymore wait, here it is…..

Flowcharts and I have always had a loving relationship, their intended teaching purposes coupled with the sarcasm of a 90’s hipster always have drawn me in. This one is a well-defined chart, giving complete directions with little wording. I can’t read, this do me gud.

Nothing much else to say, I have a ton of ideas posted out in a saved email so be expecting some fun posts in the coming weeks.

Good Luck in Azeroth Flowcharts.


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