The one where he fills you in…..

Well holy healers! I’m alive. My ability to constant blog wiped on work aggro. So let me update you on life:

A Rise in Views

So I noticed quite a rise on a Friday for blog views, more abnormal than usual. As any blogger would have done I investigated what could be the reason behind this. Zelmaru over at Murloc Parliament linked me under “Guildies Who Blog”. Why in world would I be under under that classification? Let me tell you……

Eff the Ineffable

Because I’m a friendly socialite I saw the invitation to roll on a server with some bloggers that I keep up on almost everyday. So far I have a level 7 warrior named Cambot (MST3K Reference…..Nerds) that hasnt done much other than inflate the number of critters killed. I have met some interesting people in there, and everyone is very nice and has an opinion on everything. I definitely will make sure I visit when I can, I am the self-proclaimed cheerleader of guild.

Guild Morale

So upon finding a fun place to interact with those whom I don’t get to play with everyday I have had some new sparked interest in maybe pushing some morale in Revenged. Our raiding progression hasn’t been the best of  days this expansion (1/12), so I’m searching out fun things for us to do as a way of building confidence in each other…and have fun. Gnome races, scavenger hunts, fishing tourneys, anything as a way of promoting guild entertainment.  If anyone has any ideas I’d greatly appreciate them.

In all the commotion

I have been able to get Coagulater’s Tailoring up to 520, and his Alchemy is at 525 so I’m pretty happy. On a trading contract with Gurhulk for his cloth so he doesnt use it for bandages. Grrrrrr First Aid!!!

That is all for now! I’ll try to whip some posts up in-case work aggro succumbs me once more and I don’t have time to write full posts.

Good Luck in Azeroth!



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2 responses to “The one where he fills you in…..

  1. It boggles my mind that my lil blog could CAUSE views 🙂

    • Your “little” blog caused a 10 hit increase on a Friday, which is a day I usually only see like 3 people for some people on average. I’m such a math nerd that I track down numbers like such. 😀

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