BA Shared Topic: When Does It Click?

And I’m going to get this in almost by the skin of my teeth.

The BA Shared Topic this week is: What makes an encounter click? It was submitted by Naithin who hails from Fun In Games.

So let’s get to it

I have the “click” from two perspectives, one more than the other, but both with enough time to tell you that between a healer and DPS they appear different.

As a DPS, there is usually a wall that forms for you.  Each attempt on a boss sees that wall get progressively further in relation to the boss’ health. Whether it be the ability to down an add quick enough, finally. Or there could be some mechanic that the DPS MUST cope with/handle, getting through that part starts to turn the adrenaline on. As a DPS, it comes full circle when you notice the boss is doing down, the other damage dealers are staying alive and the DPS charts look healthy near a choke point in an encounter. Boss dies. Encounter completed.

For the healers, it goes a bit different. Fluidity, all fluidity. From the first few seconds in the encounter you can tell whether you’ll be playing catch up the entire encounter or have everything under control. Boss encounters these days are riding in the 9 minute mark, and as a healer, everything is time dependent when it comes to making things click. Are my cool downs being remembered? Am I sweating over tank health? Are the DPS staying out of bad? These are the questions that are always flowing through a healer’s head, and if at anytime one of the questions is answered “no” then the rhythm falls and than you worry whether you’ll have time to get caught back up. The “click” can happen anywhere, in the first 10 seconds or when the boss is at 5%, your healing UI will look like a mixer in a recording studio. Up, down, up, down, all the way up, down and then down a little. Never once in that recording studio of healing will you ever think that the music will die, and that my friends is when it clicks for healers.

To sum It All Up

It just happens, I’ve gone face smashing against many encounters that I thought we’d never get down. Than one night, you go in, and *BOOM* the boss is on the floor 5-10 minutes later and you have no recollection of how it happened. You just feel it clicked.

That’s all I got for now.

Good Luck in Azeroth Clicking


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