Gracing and Bubbling

Over the past few days I’ve been busily outlining 4.0.6 Disc priest information in a notepad on the computer, all the while trying to figure out how to piece it all together in a nice form so that it was clear, concise and it dished out how to apply the info into a healing style. Unknown to me, so was Matticus, and he beat me to.

Looking at mine and reading his, I think I would have somewhat double posted, so instead of being a parrot in a room of canaries I’ll just give his post some commentary (and attitude).

Disc healing is changing, for the better from what I parse from patch notes. The biggest changes mentioned are the buff to PW:Shield and the ability to stack grace on multiple targets.

The buff to the shield has been a long time coming. The giant scaling of health in this expansion as basically nullified any use of the bubble besides to give you back some mana due to rapture. Thus making the bubble a 12 second mana cooldown, that primarily saved for one target…the tank. This was good and everything, but it didn’t really assist with healing or mitigating any damage that was coming (“10k…har har har” says the raid boss as he mushes the tank for a 50k hit), and on top of it all it cost way too much mana per absorb.

The buff combines a bunch of good things, and really only has two points of madness to it. The easiest things to qualify as good are; more damage absorbed, a bigger heal to target if glyphed and not fearing too much if you prematurely throw it on a DPS and he stops taking damage. (It’ll be there if he needs it). The points of madness are thus; the amount of mana to use PW:S is being increased by 31% which I did expect to see coming from any buff to it as Blizz is trying to steer away from the “bubble-spam” healing model, and the other point is expect to see “A more powerful spell is already active” tied to targets that got a bubble when you had increased spellpower at the time of casting it.

The Grace buff/change kinda has me foiled a bit. I see this as a good thing overall, but for the life of me can’t recall when I had an issue with Grace not being on a target. It kinda nullifies it’s uniqueness, and makes it a bit of an expected thing on tanks now. (“Coagulater, you let Grace fall off the off-tank and that is why he died. Don’t let it happen again.”) First Priests get the smack of Lifegrip being taken as a tool so people can mess up, now Grace might become an expected tank buff that we must babysit multiple targets, like a DoT on a boss. This could got either way, my opinion on the matter, Grace one target….it’s not a game changer…..

I have small hopes that the patch drop tomorrow, mostly being that my chances of raiding are high tomorrow and getting opportunity to test the new and improved Disco spec out would be something I wouldn’t miss for the world. Plus with a little begging maybe I can get Gurhulk to to get some WoL parsing going…..just for some base data.

Off to make RL Gold tonight.

Good Luck in Azeroth Bubbles


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