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Coagulater casts Ressurection

I am still alive (with the glory of love)…..

And I finally downloaded the patch last night and healed a heroic. My first impressions? BUBBLES!

And so it begins, my reign of terror returns in the form of bubbles, POM’s and Penances. Thank you blues, I will show you my appreciation by not letting anyone die, and last night I didn’t let it happen.

My lack of updates lately has been due to an ever increasing RL Aggro, thou I absolutely promise that I won’t be leaving indefinitely. I just need to set aside time to play again before I can start calling up some post ideas into play.

Quick side note: Two resto shammies and a disc priest are infinitely OP in Tol Borad, just saying. Trust you healers, they are never far behind.


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One Wind To Rule Them All…..

Last night I was pumped, full of energy and excitement to go play in the sky with genies. Big bad mean as grit genies…..did I mention they were genies?

We seemed to have a good raid comp, everyone was buffed to the teeth, and everyone had watched the video on Tankspot (this only known because of the amount of people who findĀ Alienia a tad annoying) and the guild leader had a strategy.

What was causing the wipe? Me and my hunter buddy…..

About 15 times.

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How does he do it?

It never ends…..

I am an individual who doesn’t like change, at all. All this new Cataclysm stuff has me feeling uncomfortable, almost irritated at times trying to adjust. The last thing that always irks me once I reach level cap is my UI, but never fear, I have optimized my screen for healing, at least for now. It’s still a little uncomfortable, though it does what it suppose to for now. Continue reading


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