How does he do it?

It never ends…..

I am an individual who doesn’t like change, at all. All this new Cataclysm stuff has me feeling uncomfortable, almost irritated at times trying to adjust. The last thing that always irks me once I reach level cap is my UI, but never fear, I have optimized my screen for healing, at least for now. It’s still a little uncomfortable, though it does what it suppose to for now.

I present:

What’s that?

The add-ons I use shouldn’t surprise anyone, but let me run down through them do give you an idea of why.

1. IceHUD

IceHUD is the most recent addition to my line up. It gives me clear and concise information about my health pool and remaining mana pool. Both of those are key in dungeon running and raiding as sometimes tunnel vision sets in and I forget to look at my own health bars, even within Healbot. So this “Heads Up Display” is exactly what I need to make sure I don’t die, and so I can watch my mana in realtime without looking for a character portrait.

2. Bartender

Bartender has got to be the add-on I’ve used the longest, it is almost part of my core UI package on all my characters now. The ability to stack all the needed buttons in a confined yet to easy to see space allows more viewing area of the screen. I was even able to place some damage dealing spells up under my IceHUD for questing/dailies which has been a huge help. The standard Blizzard button system has things spread too far out for my liking so Bartender is in!

3. Sexy Map

The standard Blizz UI as the most inconvenient map in existence.  It is out of the way, unmovable, and not scalable. Hence the need for SexyMap. As you can see it isn’t anything special, just a regular square with the time and some buttons on top. It fits nice and snug into my setup.

4. Prat

A simple chat add-on that allows a little more tweaking and customizing than what comes standard in the Blizz UI. I do enjoy the instant copy to clip bored of URLs and the fact I can move the type box where I feel like on the screen so it’s in eye shot when I’m typing quick in a Heroic or something of that nature.

5. Xperl

Xperl has been a bit of a demise for me, all the functionality I want in a player frames “ass”-on is there, but they are constantly plagued by bugs and glitches that cause headaches when I go to rely on them. The plus of having this unit frames add-on is my ability to move frames around my screen to make it easier on myself. In addition to having my own player frame on the bottom right hand corner, when I am in a raid the lower left hand block of black is where the raid frames appear.

6. Minimap Button Frame

I like neatness to an extent, and when it comes to having a plethora of buttons wrapping around my minimap frame I go bonkers. This little handy add-on places all map buttons I define into a neat little holder for quick and easy use, that stays out of my way.

7. Healbot

Here is the bread and butter of my healing efficiency. I am far from one of those crazy target healing types, and from what I’ve read it is almost needed to have a UI just for it, but there are a few rare players (like my GM) who can target heal near flawlessly. I’ve come to love Healbot for a number of reasons, mostly being how comfortable I am with it. There’s no real set-up with it either. I go in, set the spell I want to use with the click combo, and then I go raiding. My few qualms with it lie in the fact that it defaults to color “dispel magic” targets with the same shade of blue that shaman’s receive, so if a shammy needs magic dispelled from it I would occasionally miss it and watch the shaman fall over not knowing that it was preventable. I’ve always had a mindset to try something new, but with my constricted play times and my muscle memory not being that quick sometimes I haven’t tested anything else.

8. Recount

“post dmg meters plz?” NO! GTFO! This is a learning tool, a mistake fixer, and most of all a “Get yer ass in gear” tool. As you can see from the screenshot I have “Healing Done” showing as my chosen veiw. Not because I like to be on top of the healing meter and watching me climb is how I play the game. To identify if I need to up my performance or if I’m holding my own. Other screens I look at on here are; mana gained, interrupts, deaths and overhealing. The DPS and Damage Output to me are non-existent, and mostly used for the Raid Leader and the DPS who needs to learn whats wrong. The ability for all players to click on a given name in the frame and parse what spell percentages and output from each spell can be a game changer in discovering why someone is over/under performing. This reason is what makes Recount a “Tool”, that is all it is.

9.  Other Add-ons

Satrina’s Buff Frame: In the upper right-hand corner I have strayed from the Blizz Buff/Debuff UI and gone with this as it allows me to shrink the icons and make my debuffs in to timer bars under the buffs, allowing me a quick visual of when I’ll lose a debuff.

LootRollMover: This doesn’t show up unless I have loot screens up, but it allows me to move the roll for loot to another location on my screen. Very helpful when someone “combat loots” and the boxes don’t appear over my healbot anymore.


I’m always looking for advice on thing, maybe tips people have come across using these add-ons, or maybe you have an add-on I should look into (I know someone is going to trash my Healbot). I have pretty much gotten this thing tweaked for normal usage, but as any working world adult will tell you “There is always room for improvement”.

Just One More Thing……

Last night, <Revenged> got the dragon pair of Valiona andTherilon down after what seemed like 5 attempts. Gratz to them/us! Tonight we are going in for Conclave and maybe the welcoming party in Black Wing Descent. Wish us luck!

Good Luck in Azeroth User Interfaces!

02/02/2011 @ 19:24 EST Edited: Quoted because Zel made me realize something 😛



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3 responses to “How does he do it?

  1. “Xperl has been a bit of a demise for me, all the functionality I want in a player frames ass-on is there, but they are constantly plagued by bugs and glitches that cause headaches when I go to rely on them.”


    Ahem. Ok I’m over it. If you want the functionality of xperl without the breaking part, try Pitbull. It is awesome. Alternately: Shadowed Unit Frames.

    An alternative to minimap button frame could be Chocolate Bar. It lets you put all your button along a neat bar on the top/bottom of your screen. It’s like the old Fubar.

    And finally… SBF. Remember, you can separate debuffs out from buffs and make them look totally different. I make my buffs look compact, while my debuffs have a more elaborate setup with countdown bars etc. Cause, you know, you REALLY need to pay attention to debuffs.

    P.S. Ass-on.

    • I legitimately thought about editing it….but I think it deserves quotes instead because somedays it can be a bit of an ass….

      I had SUF but configuring raid frames didnt like me, and I could never get the feel. Pitbull…..I’ll look that one over… sounds fearsome 😛

      I have my debuffs as loooooong countdown bars so I know when I have things like “Evolution” in H Grim Batol……makes that boss SOOOO much easier.

      P.S. Putting quotes around that….

  2. I really have been keeping up with your blog. It makes me miss WoW lots more, but I still read. I know how much you hate change but I am happy you are starting to (somewhat) adjust to Cata. Congrats to you and the guild on downing the dragons. I’ve heard mixed things about that fight. Anyway. Good luck with the changes and I might comment now and again but know that I am reading along with all your posts.



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