One Wind To Rule Them All…..

Last night I was pumped, full of energy and excitement to go play in the sky with genies. Big bad mean as grit genies…..did I mention they were genies?

We seemed to have a good raid comp, everyone was buffed to the teeth, and everyone had watched the video on Tankspot (this only known because of the amount of people who find Alienia a tad annoying) and the guild leader had a strategy.

What was causing the wipe? Me and my hunter buddy…..

About 15 times.

If you don’t know the Conclave of the Four Winds, it’s this simple; there are three Djinn (Nezir, Anshal and Rohash). They each have some mechanics to dance around along with some unavoidable damage. On a timer they recieve energy, when that energy tops out at 90 they each do an ultimate. You are suppose to rinse and repeat the rise to 90 energy twice and than burn down Rohash and Anshal, than you have a minute to kill Nezir before the other two ressurect.

The hunter and I were stacked with the job of running down Rohash as he needs no tank for the encounter, just someone on his platform doing damage. His abilites aren’t anything major; he does a 10k-12k ranged nature attack, he summons cyclones, his ultimate is a Malygos like vortex that drops you after it’s done slicing away approx 75% of you health from full, and the move to end all moves is a wind wall that he projects out of his arm and rotates clockwise about 120 degrees that when comes in contact with a player it pushes that player 200yds back.

We had most of mechanics down, except that wind wall. Predicting where Rohash is going to put it was becoming an issue. It is confirmed random, and there is a 2second delay from him starting to rotate and it actually going off, but the hunter and I, we just couldn’t judge it. As the night progressed we tried multiple strats to combat this stupid move. Half of our raid inducing wipes didnt even come from not paying attention, if all three cyclones are in the right spot you can’t even see Rohash spin. Good job on blocking sight Blizz. The successful dance came in the last four or five attempts, and boy let me tell you, after figuring that out it became a whole different game.

For Rohash’s platform we stacked for the first one on infront of the jet stream that takes you to the entrance, after the encounter started. I watched for Rohash’s arm to point out than called out whether or not to move. After the first wall we sat tight until the first ultimate. When the ultimate was done we devised that getting in close to him was doable because he had no cyclones out, so we would hug him and dance around him until he stopped than group back up and wait for it to come back. The pattern was one wall, an ultimate, two walls, an ultimate.

The hunter and I had taken that dance out of the problems, where did we get stuck next? Taking out Rohash and Anshal at the same time, or at a convienent time. And that’s where we are stuck, something we as a group will have to figure out on our own.

I was very proud of the work last night, and wish the best of luck to the group if they go in tonight, 2 bosses in one lockout would be awesome.

Good Effing Luck in Azeroth


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  1. ^.^ :-p

    I kind of wish I was there to hear your slew of curses at the computer and the conversation on Vent.



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