Fealen/Coagulater are a joint pair of characters played by one person. Fealen is a free-flying farming machine that dabbles in dungeons as a moonkin when needed for guildies. Coagulater is a hot-headed Disc priest that holds an Officer position in <Revenged> on Eitrigg-US.


Together these pair will weave humorous and informative articles and ancedotes for you to discover. From disgust with certain spells to the most randomness of NPC interviews, and you might even learn something once in a while.


World of Warcraft is an MMO, and in such a game you have thousands of ideas floating about. To enlighten, teach, and put my opinion and discoveries into print as to let them be seen is why I write. Also, to be part of the community that is what it is because of all the people that bring their input to the table




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