The Black Embersilk Gown…….

Oh the things I can craft as a tailor!

With the simplest of materials I can make nice shirts for my friends, with rarities from around Azeroth I can sew and stitch epic wares for the masses. I’m a master of a thread and needle that employs all his knowledge of being seamstress into producing fine wares from fine raw materials.

What could ever make me want to cry about such a glorious profession so much? The Black Embersilk Gown….

“But why would Coagulater cry over such a puny item that isn’t even of epic quality?” you ask. Well folks, I’m about to tell you why…. Continue reading


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BA Shared Topic: Were 5 levels enough?

This weeks Blog Azeroth Shared Topic is: Were 5 levels enough?

Want it short and sweet?

The answer is yes, it was more than enough.

With the amount of content Blizzard threw at us in this expansion it was just a welcomed addition. The entire old world became new, except for a few ratty places.

A new secondary profession, all new quests in almost every zone, remapping the old world for flying. For god sake’s, they rebuilt the game basically. Boosting our level cap to 85 gave us time to level up and then experience the content at end game which there is plenty of for the casual person.

I dont have paragraphs on this cause I’m still discovering content, so bring more on! 😀

That’s my take..

Good Luck in Azeroth!

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You’ve learned “Haterade”!

Three day weekends really throw me off, just saying.

I didn’t really do much in-game this weekend. Mostly farmed herbs and leveled Alchemy on Coagulater. This proffesion stuff isn’t a joke in Cataclysm, but the nerf is coming….and it is needed.

The slicing of herbs needed to make flasks is much called for. The allure of Wrath consumables when matched up to the materials to make them in comparison to Cata consumables and their materials is a no-brainer right now.

The time it takes to farm enough herbs for 2-4 hours of raiding is quite a bit much right now, and to those who don’t farm and get their flasks and pots from the AH are feeling the time=money correlation as herbalists and alchemists raise the price of Cata herbs and flasks respectively to points of being 250g per flask. Kinda ridiculous…

On top of the added cost and materials needed, Blizz stealthed in and took away the 2 Flasks per creation.  I also took note that in all the leveling I did this weekend there wasn’t one time I created more than 1 flask. I remember when I’d create an extra 2-4 almost every other time, what gives Blizz?

It’s almost like they are attempting to constrict the alchemist so not everyone is running around with +300 flasks attached to them….but if they wanted that, than why even have them in game?

One good point I did notice is that when creating Cata flasks I have the chance to learn Wrath stuff as if it is acting like “Northrend Alchemy Research” which good I guess from a ‘I want to know all the recipes’ standpoint.

There’s my alchemy grumble…..what’s yours?

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BA Shared Topic: Dear WoW….

Dear Leap of Faith,

The time we are spending together has become some of my favorite times in WoW. I can’t count the number uses I have found for you, nor do I hope I ever stop finding reasons to hit your keybind. The few seconds of enjoyment you provide at the sametime as saving a loved one (or not so loved) are worth every second.

Thou I would love to sit here and praise you for all the shine and glory you have brought to the priest community, I can’t get over the few bad habits you carry that make priests, at times, look foolish. We are a prideful group and will not take verbal, mental or emotional abuse without trying to ‘smite’ it first.

My first issue with you is pathing, mainly your lack of navigating a target back to me when there is a break in the floor between me and them, at times. The inconsistency has made you unreliable and it can be annoying at times when a comrade is stuck somewhere and they wish not to pay a repair bill. Sure, you are young, and still developing muscles. The least you could do is try, if you pull a party member half-way only to have him plummet to his death, than so be it, at least you tried.

My other qualm with your is your decision to blow your cooldown if above stated action happens. Seriously, you tried even try to left that 200 lb orc out of the crevice, shape up and be ready sooner. I wouldn’t care if you just shortened your cool down after a failed save attempt, it just upset me that you make me wait so long after you lazily decided that my buddy Gurhulk isn’t worth the time, nor the effort. (I know he’s fat, but don’t blame him, his son makes him eat a lot of doughnuts) If you could just muscle up and get back into the game quicker it would make me happy, at best be ready right after a failed attempt.

This letter isn’t meant to hurt your feelings, nor is it meant to slice you from my toolbox. It is just a request, like an owner trying to teach his dog tricks. Just fix these few problems for me and I’ll give you treats and affection.

Truly Yours,



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“You not good enough…” Seriously?

The RDF has been quite mean to me and my guildies lately.  Too the point that I am glad I’m taking a few days from playing, even being in-game irks me just thinking about it.

Last night was the straw that broke the camels back.

I queued up with some trusted guildies, ones that I know are aware of what their jobs are: Stay out of fire, CC and DPS things.

The only spot we wait for is a tank from RDF, easy enough. The queue pops, it’s BRC, and the tank is a “Bane of the Fallen King” and has 191k in health. Okay….

Everything was going fine. You can do the pulls before the boss without much CC and then on the first boss we barely downed him because I stood in chains. Go figure. We cleaned up that mess and continued on to the next room.

We wiped on the trash pack that pats the floor of the second bosses room and all I did was ask for a little CC, even one mob in specific. It would make things go a bit smoother. In an all guild run we would have CC’ed them as much as possible just because we can.

Wanna know what response I got from the tank?

Tank- “Are you not good enough to do it without CC” You have got to be kidding!

Me- “A little CC would make it easier”

Tank- “You can have CC but im not marking, you can”

All this time I’m shooting it out with my guildies over how above himself this guy is. Our mage produced a vote kick, with the reasoning not suitable for writing, but it was a good enough reason.

All said and done we pulled in a guild tank and went about our way. What I can’t take away is the fact that this tank we had seriously trivalizing content based on his gear. Get off your high horse dude, not all of us are Wrath-babies (Dappad, that one is for you) and we understand how to correctly do a heroic.

Over-geared, High-horse, Wrath-baby Paladin Tanks, stay out of my RDF. We need not your type polluting our good heroic runs. Bee Pit?

That’s my rant-story.

Thanks for listening.

Good luck in Azeroth RDF


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Just becoming a statistic…..

Blizzard, you have me frustrated….

Disc Priests don’t need a fix, here’s what needs to be fixed:

  • People need to learn to more effciently heal
  • Converted Holy priests need to understand Disc is gear dependant
  • RDF n00bs need to learn to CC
  • RDF n00bs need to understand WHAT a Disc priest does
  • Playerbase in general need to learn that fire is bad (I shouldn’t have to say this)

So to fix Disc priests you are just reinforcing that they are a broken talent tree when the real problem is everyone wants things to be easy.

I’ve stuck Disc for now and everyone in my guild can back me up by saying I am doing just fine, so why am I being “buffed” just because people don’t like the challenge that healing has become? Why must I feel like after a patch no one is going to take me seriously because I just bubble and wand, and throw the occasional renew on DPS.

I’d like to say I’m looking forward to the buff, but after it happens my renegade status will just become another priest statistic……thanks Blue.


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Wednesday Mish-Mash?

I missed the boat on Tol Barad….darn

I’ve basically missed the boat on boss mechanic guides…..darn

I’ll chime in about dungeon finder! Wait, that’s a bit over-run and WoW Insider is currently blanketing that.

Well, I’ll just post.

So <Revenged> is now an 8th Level Guild that is strong with attendance basically all hours of the day excluding 3-8am EST (from what I can tell). I’ve missed both raid weeks due to working nights but from what I have heard progress is being made. Maybe more gear or more mechanic education is in order. Whatever the case I wish them luck as work as me ball & chained on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

I’ve been slowly making gold off of the herb market, and ore has been doing quite nicely when I have the patience to race around playing “Who can get there first?” with 485873 other people in a zone, even the elusive phased out nodes are laughing at me. I’ve also come across one Twilight Jasmine in the Highlands that is roughly 40 yards off the ground and unobtainable even by a druid. Good job Blizzard, go and mess up my herb path due to my “OMG!!! A YELLOW DOT!!!!” alarm goes off, and then the disappoint sets in.

So far my experience with Catacylsm has been one of happiness and enjoyment. I can only complain about phased nodes and that big darn monster called RNG.

That’s all I have today.

Good Luck in Azeroth.

*You may have noticed a change in author of my posts, this is due to me picking up another blog on this account. No reason for worry, same person….just penning under a different identity*

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