3-16 Raid Lockout Reset Update

This past raid week was rough for our guild when it came to 25mans. We decimated the Lower Spire in ICC without a problem as usual, but anything after that was what is always was. Failure. Rotface and Festergut still run us over, Val is getting closer but it seems week-to-week. We haven’t even stepped into Blood Council yet so I have no idea what we would be like there. All this plus other matters led to our guild leader making a decision.

Change the raiding schedule, again. We’ve gone through multiple raiding schedules since Ulduar came out. Thurs-Fri happened for awhile, Saturday’s happened but not for long. Lately we’ve been pounding out 25man stuff on Tuesday-Wednesday and doing our 10man Thursday and/or Friday night. The real focus we had was to push 25man progression as much as we could, but we later found out that some don’t have the coordination for things past Saurfang. Yea….

The new schedule from what I can tell as been put in place:

Tuesday – 25man: Clear Lower Spire        10man: Take out what we can

Wednesday- 10man: Take out what we can

Thursday- 10man: Take out what we can

This is a new direction, a path that I actually like. Sure the 25man gear I need is past Saurfang, but I’d rather have a better chance at badges, and in my opinion, our Officer 10man has a better chance at success than the 25man seems to bring to the table on a good night.

The reasoning for the change is very simple. Push 10man until people get to the know fights, build the gear evenly and most important, they need to get serious about raiding. We have a few individuals that I don’t believe take raiding seriously, but when 24 other people take time out of their day to try to complete something you better be bringing your “A” game, if not for yourself, then do it for them. Is that too hard to ask?

Maybe raids will be a little easier to cope with, the bad nights of 25man are one of the reasons I flock to SAN on AD-US. As an officer without a way of giving a solution to the GL as to what to do, at the same time being a frustrated raider watching people continuously screw up when I bring my best intentions and do all I can every night, it gets slightly taxing. This is what is usually labeled as “burnout”, but I’m not there yet.

Speaking of SAN, it’s a beast, 350ish members across 250+ accounts. Someone at Blizzard must have blown a gasket watching the population on AD-US rapidly increase the past week or so. As for Fealen 2.0, the world is his money making machine, and Inscription is the car he is traveling around in. We’ve seen some fun events crop up over the past week, from Death-knights mass murdering the Scarlet Enclave to a proposed RP event coming into view it seems the community is flourishing and pretty strong. A statement directed at the nay-sayers: You say it won’t last. A “trend” is what someone called it but it seems to be stronger than anyone ever imagined. And judging from the helpfulness and generosity from its members, there is nothing that can sink this boat.

So tonight for me it’s 25man Lower Spire and than 10man whatever we can get. Plus sometime on SAN before the raid, cause I like calm before my storm.

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  1. Sounds like things may get…better?.. for you in Revenged. Glad there is at least a little cohesion going on these days 🙂 ❤

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