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Undead Priest who is ready for anything, the heals will fly.

Coagulater casts Ressurection

I am still alive (with the glory of love)…..

And I finally downloaded the patch last night and healed a heroic. My first impressions? BUBBLES!

And so it begins, my reign of terror returns in the form of bubbles, POM’s and Penances. Thank you blues, I will show you my appreciation by not letting anyone die, and last night I didn’t let it happen.

My lack of updates lately has been due to an ever increasing RL Aggro, thou I absolutely promise that I won’t be leaving indefinitely. I just need to set aside time to play again before I can start calling up some post ideas into play.

Quick side note: Two resto shammies and a disc priest are infinitely OP in Tol Borad, just saying. Trust you healers, they are never far behind.


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Gracing and Bubbling

Over the past few days I’ve been busily outlining 4.0.6 Disc priest information in a notepad on the computer, all the while trying to figure out how to piece it all together in a nice form so that it was clear, concise and it dished out how to apply the info into a healing style. Unknown to me, so was Matticus, and he beat me to.

Looking at mine and reading his, I think I would have somewhat double posted, so instead of being a parrot in a room of canaries I’ll just give his post some commentary (and attitude). Continue reading

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Just becoming a statistic…..

Blizzard, you have me frustrated….

Disc Priests don’t need a fix, here’s what needs to be fixed:

  • People need to learn to more effciently heal
  • Converted Holy priests need to understand Disc is gear dependant
  • RDF n00bs need to learn to CC
  • RDF n00bs need to understand WHAT a Disc priest does
  • Playerbase in general need to learn that fire is bad (I shouldn’t have to say this)

So to fix Disc priests you are just reinforcing that they are a broken talent tree when the real problem is everyone wants things to be easy.

I’ve stuck Disc for now and everyone in my guild can back me up by saying I am doing just fine, so why am I being “buffed” just because people don’t like the challenge that healing has become? Why must I feel like after a patch no one is going to take me seriously because I just bubble and wand, and throw the occasional renew on DPS.

I’d like to say I’m looking forward to the buff, but after it happens my renegade status will just become another priest statistic……thanks Blue.


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The woes of a new expansion….

A list of things:

Have GM switch Coagulater to Officer and push Fealen back one (Check)

Get Fealen’s Herb/Mining to 525 (Check)

Get Coagulater’s gear up past 329 ilvl (Check)

Now what to do?

More gear and more gathering….such things never end…..

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Countdown: 4 Days til Cataclysm

It’s always the same old song and dance

The patch before every expansion always brings a lot of questions. Mostly similar to the likes of “Where is this vendor?” and “Why can’t I *insert unbalanced spell here*?” Those questions are weak and provide nothing but headaches for those who know the answers as they repeat them hundreds of times.

My favorite questions are those of thought and reasoning like “Why didn’t Proudmoore just man up and get Wrynn as a sugar daddy?” or “What is your most missed subject of the last patch?” Essay questions my folks, not only are they fun to answer, but they provide good blog topics. I will be answering the latter of the inquiries in this post. 😀 Continue reading


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The bubbles are weak…..

I hate holy priests. Only in Battlegrounds thou.

You see, they all do this thing, when they are healing, that involves bubbling someone being beat on.

Now a holy priest should lay off of bubbles. They are weak and useless; my bubbles are more powerful than anything they could imagine.

In a scientific comparison conducted by the Discipline Undermining Holy Healers (D.U.H.H for short) group showed that a Holy priest’s bubble is like common parchment, where as a Disc priests bubble is like Titansteel.

So I’m making my stand now! Every priest that I see in a BG, I am going to inspect. If I find you to be Holy, and I will…don’t hide it from me, I’ll be forced to call you out in public. Besides, I’m only saving you mana.

Thank you.

Have a nice day. 😀


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Could it be…..

Last night was entertaining, a better night then usual in Azeroth. I know that some of my guildies read my blog, and when I post on a particular subject that involves a guild member it gets noticed. Even when I rant someone at least lets me know that they either understand or it was foolish. I have no problem with <Revenged> reading my blog, I posted the link on the forums for a reason. The openness allows for such things:

A conversation was had between me and the GL’s wife (she’s standing in while he is on a work trip) that had the topic of my ranting about using my priest more. The only boss I’d like to bring Fealen in for is Deathbringer Saurfang, he just needs the tier piece tokens. With the loot rules the way they are I’d have no problem only getting loot through offspec rolls against mains. I’ll get good drops from 10man, I’m happy with that for now.

What made last night fun? Doing an ICC with what I’m going to dub “Team Surprise”. It was comprised of 4 ICC25 geared toons. (3 from our core 25man team) 5 alts and 1 probitionary, that we acquired last week if I remember right, made up the rest of the group. I got go in and actually heal, what made it more of a surprise is we two healed Lower Spire, Plague Wing (Gur went heals for Festergut) and Blood Council.

We spent 3.5 hours raiding, and it only took that long because Gur had to explain each fight to the new guy. We also had a few wipes due to silly things and bad luck (Grrr RNG).

I picked up a few new pieces for Coagulater and grabbed another 264 PvP piece with badges.

Our plan is to go back in Saturday night; I think we will be successful. Thank you 20% Buff.

I do have a simple request. In my current gear I’m not sure what kind of throughput I should be achieving as a Discipline priest. I know I’m not going to match a druid or paladin in HPS or Overall, but what’s a good gauge for me to use to tell if I’m doing everything I can? Last night me and my druid partner were split about 35/65 in percentage of effective healing, I assume since I’m just bubbling and what not with flash heals to top people off as needed that it was a good split. I also need to re-gem my gear for Disc-ness. (Missmedicina, I’m coming for you) So either you can comment here or you can email me:

And I’m still waiting for Garrosh kills. The future of the world depends on it! Answer the call Alliance, take out the biggest threat! (And send screenshots)

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